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MS FAB 50 Camp 2019 Team Red

Team Red

Coach Eddie Rogosich

Quaydon Holder
2023, Jacksonville NC

Quaydon is a very talented basketball player. He was very coachable and he’s a very unselfish basketball player. Speaking of unselfishness he was a great passer throughout the whole day. He has great court vision and he is a willing passer. Sometimes he would try to throw such great passes either his teammates weren’t ready or it just was it an option to make that pass. But I was impressed that he would try to throw some passes that most players don’t even see. His shooting form was very impressive. He can shoot off the dribble and off the pass. He had some really nice three point shots on the fast break. I would like to see him improve his ability to penetrate. Although he’s a very good driver sometimes when he penetrates he’s a little bit out of control. But that can come as he studies the game. There are very few players at this age that play defense like Quaydon. His name going to be a name you gonna want to remember.

Na'im Rahmaan
5ft 3in 2024,Kernersville NC

Na’im has a very high basketball IQ. He has above average dribbling skills for his age. Couple that with his great court vision makes him an excellent PG. 
Every time the ball was in his hands I felt comfortable as his Camp Coach. He is a very good shooter from both in front and behind the arc. I was also impressed with his catch and shoot ability. He has great shooting form. It’s easy to tell that he has talent and has worked on his game for many years. Players that are this skilled on offense sometimes have a deficiency on defense, but that is not the case. He gave opposing guards problems all day with his pressue D. He has very good lateral quickness. He could stand to work on his overall body strength though. As he works on his body strength he will be a tougher player to guard. Na’im is going to be a very good basketball player. Very few players have what he has at his age. He has so many tools he can open a basketball hardware store for middle school players. 

Chason Bryant
5ft 1in 2025, Wilson NC

Chason Bryant is a player you can see will be a good high school basketball player. If he continues to work on his game. Chason has an above average two point shot and a very good three point shot for his age. He has an excellent attitude and is very coachable. One thing that impressed me at the camp is that Chason got better each and every game. This shows that he’s a quick learner and he’s a coachable young man. Chason will need to work on his ball handling and his lateral quickness and speed. If he does these things then you can see how one day he will be a good basketball player. Seeing how hard he worked at camp there’s no doubt in my mind that he will take this advice and apply it to his game. With hard work and consistent skill development we will be hearing of Chason's name again one day.

Evan Stuart
2025, Jacksonville NC

It is obvious that Evan wants to be a very good basketball player. He is dialed in and focused. Desire is a skill that even talented players don’t have at times. Evan is a very good passer and has a good court vision. For a young player he is very coachable and has good knowledge of the game. Where Evan will see his game improve is when he starts training on his own. As his skill level increases he will see his attributes will help take his game to a new level. Our advice would be for Evan to play a lot of pick up basketball be on an AAU team that will help work on his individual skill development. If possible having a personal trainer once every week would help Evan to gain some skills to help him improve his game. This increase skill development with his already high desire and his willingness to learn will take his game to new heights.

Jamien Little

After Coach Eddie observing Jamien in action at our camp, he feels that he is a player to watch. He has a very good hesitation move. Jamien knows how to use pace and space to manipulate defenders. He knows angles and moves to open spots. Jamien has a very good jump shot and he is an excellent passer. Coach believes that with continued hard work and strength conditioning Jamien can become a very good High School and potentially a College Basketball Player. He has very good lateral quickness and enjoys playing defense which is going to serve him well as he continues to go to new levels in the game. Jamien has a sky is the limit type of future. 

# 7
Dimetrius Jones
5ft 7in 2024, Lumberton NC

You can tell by the sweat in this picture that Dimetrius is all about putting in work on the court. Dimetrius is a super quick player and he can get to the rim exceptionally well for his age. His strength and athleticism aid in his ability to absorb contact when finishing at the rim. Coach Eddie expressed that Dimetrius has a excellent form on his shot and he can shoot it from deep. Even though his shot is more effective inside the arc at this time. He delivers his passes with speed and accuracy. His court vision allowed him to make some awsome passes today. He has decent foot sped and quickness. He goes after every rebound with abandon. One can tell that he is on the right track to being a very good high school basketball player and if he continues to work he will play on the collegiate level one day.

Joshua Hill
2024, Raleigh NC

With Joshua's height and coordination, he ca be a future college player. We can tell that he loves the game of basketball and is very determined to become better than he already is. He's a winner and enjoys winning so he does what needs to be done to do so. We didn't get to see him shoot it from the outside a lot today. But he has good form and consistancy on his mid range. He plays well with his back to the basket or facing up. He used his legnth to cover a lot of ground and get pass defenders. Coach says when he's going to need to bulk up a little for High School ball. But could leap past JV depeding on what school he attends. Joshua knows how to play the passing lanes for steals. He also surprised me by getting some on the ball shot blocks. He rebounded the ball and had a lot of offensive rebound put backs. Joshua has an amazing attitude and because of he will go far in this game.  

Martel Anderson
2025, Raleigh NC

Martel has a basketball big body to be a force in the post Coach Eddie shared. With hard work and some skill instruction, he can be a very good player. He seemed a little out of shape. But when he builds up his conditioning look out for this guy. We advise calisthenic exercises and plyometrics to get him ready for the next level. As a 7th grader Coach Eddie says he needs to get with a good AAU program to develop his game and he will be a force in 8th grade. He takes up a lot of space in the paint and power up shots over defenders. He didnt get a chance to shoot a bunch of jumpers, But during drills he displayed good form. Martel can add a strong post precence to any team. Opposing Middle School Coaches will need adjust their game plans. 


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