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FAB 50 Camp 2020 Team Red

                                                             Team Red
Rodney Poston Jr
Garner NC
5'4 2025

Rodney has a lot of potential to be a great basketball player. He seemed very confident to play with his teammates and against the other teams. As he continues to grow as a player, he will develop more confidence in his shot and ability to handle the ball with pressure, Coach K stated Rodney has a very high basketball IQ and it shows when he is playing offense and defense. Coach K also says that he plays with very good effort and knows how to hustle.

Omariyon Pagan
Jacksonvville, NC
5'7 2021

Coach K said that Omariyon is an extremely hard working player. He moves very quick on the floor with the ball. Coach also said that Omariyon can handle the ball under pressure very well. His communications skills are amazing which is very helpful to communicate with his teammates on offense and defense. Omariyon is extremely aggressive when rebounding the ball for his size. He can also shoot the ball very well from the 3 point line. Coach K shared that Omariyon does a great job penetrating the basket and finishing with contact. Lastly, encourages his teammates which is shows that he cares about his team.

Demarion Reynolds
Charlotte, NC
6'3 2023

Demarion was a very explosive player when he was attacking the basket says Coach K. He was able to bring the ball down the floor with great speed and quickness. He was also able to facilitate the ball very well to his teammates. Coach K also shared that Demarion struggled to finish the ball at the basket but he was very enthusiastic when cheering on his teammates. He is a very aggressive defensive player who knows how to keep his man in front of him. Coach K also stated that he offers help to his teammates when his man does not have the ball. 

Jarius Copeny
Raleigh, Nc
5'9 2022

Coach K says that Jarius is a very good shooter. He is quick while dribbling the and getting to a spot for a quick pull up shot. Coach says Jarius strength is to shoot 3 point shots.. He can knock down shots while under tight pressure. Jarius communicates very well on defense and offer helps to his teammates in tight defensive situations. Jarius also facilitates the ball very well to his teammates while he's being point guard.

Christian Johnson
Durham, NC
6'2 2023

Christian is a very energetic player. Coach K says that he hustles on defense as well as offense. He dribbles the ball extremely well while under pressure. Christian can finish the ball when attacking the basket while receiving contact. Coach K states that for Christian position he rebounds the ball very well. He is quick with the ball in transition and can shoot the 3 point ball very well. Christian has a very high IQ in basketball and it shows on the court. 

Vander Williams
Fayetteville, NC
5'10 2022

Vander is a very determined player. He became frustrated with himself early but found a way to dig down deep to play it through. Coach K states that Vander is a very aggressive defensive and offensive player. He handled the ball very well in pressured situations. Vander communicated very well to his team on defense. Coach K believes that with more practice Vander can be a really good 3 pointer shooter and a more aggressive guard. 

Cody Mims
Fayetteville, NC
5'11 2022

Cody plays extremely hard. Coach K says that he has a good 3 point shout on the catch and off the dribble. Coach believes that with practice he will be more comfortable and confident dribbling the under pressure and will attack the basket more aggressively. Cody plays a very hard defense and communicates his defensive position to his team. 

Marc Raye Jr.
Winston Salem, NC
5'10, 2022

Coach K says that Marc is a very smooth player. He has a very high IQ and it shows when he facilitating the ball to his teammates. Marc is very quick with the ball while controlling the ball. Coach says that Marc can penetrate the basket very well and has floor vision to kick it out to his open teammates. Marc communicates very well to his teammates while playing defense. He is a very enthusiastic player who plays extremely hard. 


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