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FAB 50 MS 2019 Team Orange

Team Orange

Coach James Jordan

Ja'tez Ward
2024, Raleigh NC

Coach James says that Ja'tez is an excellent point guard that can see the floor well. He knows when to push the ball and when to slow it down for a half court set. Ja'tez has a strong basketball IQ. You can tell he's a true student of the game. He also has a decent shot off the dribble. Ja'Tez is very dangerous shooter when he gets his feet set. On defense he's pesky, fast and quick. Hounding the ball handler all the way up the court without fouling. This guy is a player who's a force on both ends of the court. In the future he's destined become a phenom of basketball. He had some turnovers because his game and court vision is on a higher level than his peers. Ja'Tez is coming basketball world. Be ready.

Talan Evans
2024, Jacksonville NC

Talan has great basketball handles to go along with his basketball IQ. Both things will help develop him into an even stronger player in the future. Coach James says that Talan has team leadership written all over him. Beign on the optimistic side he could very well grow into a leading scorer for his school and AAU teams. Talan is very coachable and does well on defense and offense. Coach James says that Talan has a great attitude and has ability to finish at the basket is good for his size. Talan has us intriged we will be sure to check on his progess.

Jonah Holt
5ft 5in 2025, Hubert NC

Coach James stated that Jonah has good court vision and can see the offense well. Jonah is a very good defender. leader on the defensive and has developed into a great 3 pointer shooter. Jonah is a team player who seems to be happy if the team does well. For a player with a outsied shot he also has the ability to finish close around the tin. Jonah's foot work and his use of hands will carry him far in basketball and any other sport he plays. Coach James and the rest of our coaching staff is looking forward to seeing him play in the future.

Perry Gainey
5ft 7in 2024, Jacksonville NC

Perry has superb quickness which makes hin a very skilled defender on the and off the ball. Coach James said that Perry made a big difference shutting down the strongest player from the opposing team. He also has potential to be a very good offensive player as well. But most put in the work in the gym. He does well under pressure. Which is a great asset for any player. We noticed that he didint force anything. Instead waitng for the game to come to him. He should have success on any level becasue of his attributes.


Noah Wright
2024, Raleigh NC

Noah has a great all around game. He has long arms and uses them to make himself bigger on D. On the ball off the ball and in transition. He plays the passing lanes for steals. You can tell that he's a leader that learned by being a follower first. Coach James says Noah uses his mental game to out wit the defender. He's a north south driver with quickness going to the hole and when he did he finished strong. Noah has the ability to pull up for short jumpers and knock them down. But needs to develop a more consistant outside shot. Noah is an excellent team player and has an Outstanding future in basketball.

Caleb Tillman
2024, Statesville NC

Coach James shares that Caleb has great basketball IQ and plays great team ball. He has good shot mechanics and can dail in three's from deep with accuracy. Which is a little odd becasue he has some inconsistancies with his mid range. His excellent attitude makes him very coachable. Coach James also says that Caleb has solid finishing moves going to the basket. You can add to his list of skills. Reboundig and a very good passing game. Put all this together and we got a good basketball player.We all are looking forward to seeing Caleb play in the future.

Kady'n Turner-Scott
2025 Greensboro NC

Kady'n Turner-Scott remember the name. He has the potential to be an excellent 3 point shooter. Coach James says he has an unique form when shooting. Right now he can play all five positions effectively. As he matures and plays more his future high school team will probably place him more on the wing or shooting guard. Kady'n is very coachable and does well with accepting criticism. Kayd'n can handle the rock get to the rim and can score or pass to open teamamte. He has good defensive and rebounding skills as well. Coach James believes that his future in basketball is solid. If you got a radar put Kayd'n on it.

Moses McDowell
2024, Fayetteville NC
Moses has excellent team play, effort, and attitude. Coach James says that Moses will develop into a great player and will lead the team in rebounding because of his great positioning.  Moses use of hands is excellent and his ability to finish is great. He doesn't have a problem moving without the ball and he has potential to lead his team in defense stops. Coach James says that Moses was a great hustler and defends well on and off the ball. He gets off the floor very quick for second chance points. His size and body is ready for the high school level. Moses has tremedous upside.


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