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FAB 50 MS 2019 Team Blue

Team Blue
Coach Toni Farrar

Mario Hill
2024, Grayson GA

We were told that Mario was a quick guard with court vision. Well, he certainly didn't dissapoint. Coach Toni said, Mario can handle the ball with ease and he makes good decisions. He shows leadership skills on the court and can pass well. Passing is very high on his attributes to the game. He's also a defensive Hawk on the court and will give any ball handler a hard time. No matter the size. We can definitely tell that Mario is a great all around player. His outside shooting could use some improvement. That will come with some more gym work. He is a hustler and a hard worker. Mario is very coachable and he gives 100%.

Lybrant Rush Jr.
2025, Wendell NC

Lybrant has a good attitude and is acceptance to criticism. Coach Toni says that Lybrant hustles on the court and puts his body on the line for loose balls. His off the ball defense could use some work but he plays aggressively otherwise. He's a spot up shooter and can knock it down when needed. At this point is his basketball career he's more suited to shoot the mid range than the long ball. When he has the ball in his hands he penetrates well and moves great without the ball, when he doesn't have it . His quickness, court vision, and work ethic will make him hard to stop. 

Jordan Mclean
5ft 5in 2024, Sanford NC

Coach Toni says she was suprprised at how well Jordan used both hands. He's not ambidextrous but can use either hand to finish at the cup. He has a good attitude and is an overall good player. Thid guy plays good defense without being asked. With work, Coach Toni says that his basketball IQ and court vision will improve. When he was left open he knocked down the J. He has the potential to be any team's go to player. on the perimeter Jordan has quickness and foot work to give a defensive players trouble. We can't wait for his growth spurt.

Sam Dutton
Knightdale NC

Sam has a great attitude and character. Plus he's a hard worker. Coach Toni observed his hustle, rebounding on both ends of the court. Sam plays team ball. His defense is really good and he knows how to move on the court. He could use some improvements on his lateral quickness. He's an unselfish passer and likes to keep all his teammates involved. Passing up his own good shot for better ones. Sam is very coachable and gives 100%. He's a spot up shooter with a great form. The next step for him is to become a better ball handler. Sam is a good overall player we like him alot.

Curtis Jackson
2025, Jacksonville NC

Curtis' height, combined with his ability to handle the ball will give teams trouble. Coach Toni said, when I noticed that we used it to our advantage. His confidence improved throughout the camp and his shooting range followed. He is a team oreinted player that rebounds well especially on the defensive end. Curtis' court vision is on point. He positions himself well on the court and knows exactly where to be at key moments. Curtis is pretty good player with the potential to be great a one. 

David Godwin
2024, Selma NC

Coach Toni observed how David hustles and dives on the floor for loose balls. He rebounds extremely well for a player his age. David penetrating ability can make it hard for the defense. His help side defense needs some work. Coach Toni says that David finishes well at the rim and uses the glass when close. Which is a great skill to have. He is a good shooter off the dribble. His shot release needs to quicken but if he has time he'll drill it. He will make a great addition to any team. This kid is one to know and one to watch.  

Simbarashe Debnam-Pwiti
2025, Knightdale NC

Simbarashe has potential to be a very good player, Coach Toni says that he gives 110% on both sides of the ball. His work eithic will help him advance in this game. Simbarashe's ball handling and outside shooting could use some work. He has opportunities to improve in both those areas. His form and shooting mechanics need a little fine tuning also. Simbarashe is a bully of a player in the post. Offensively and defensively, he has a nose for the ball. We were pleased to see how good of a rebounder he is. He's good money from 10 - 15 feet in right now, but as time progress look for him to extend his range. 

Timothy Smith
Raleigh NC

Coach Toni said that Timothy was a decent player. We could tell he's new to game. But that's OK. Tim Duncan started at age 14. He has several skill sets that need to be improved. He's a hard worker so these things are sure to come. Timothy's shooting is better when he's wide open. His ball handling and court vision need to catch up with his athleticism. 
He has the potential to be good with more work and practice. Timothy has a good attitude and is ready to accept the challange of gettiing better. . 

Decan Johnson
2024, Hickory NC

Decan's height is definitely his advantage Coach Toni observed. He has great range with his shooting. Lay Ups, Mid Range, or Three's. He is a hard worker and rebounds extremely well. Decan's court vision is good, he can see over the top of most players. Coach Toni also says that Decan has a good attitude and he's coachable. Decan's foot work and quickness could use a little work. We'r sure he'll master those things as he matures. He moves well without the ball getting to open spots and front cutting to the rim. His ability to finish at the basket is definitely his strong suit at this point. But he can do many things on the court. He has an outstanding all around game.


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