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FAB 50 Camp 2020 Team Blue

                                                                     Team Blue
Arner Shah

Arner showcased good attitude and accepted instruction very well. His effort and basketball IQ on the floor helped him be a team player. He has a really solid jumpshot with very great mechanics and can catch and shoot as well as off the dribble. His penetration is on point and can finish well. His game can only get better as he works on ball handling, quickness, foot work, and movemnet without the ball. He has the desire and the potential as he continues to grow!!

James Freeman

James was very attentive throughout the whole camp and never lossed focus. His ability to play with his team and bring energy throughout the camp was unmatched. James was also very focused on the defensive side of the floor too which stood out. His abilities were not just on the defensive side of the floor. He was also a great finisher around the rim and also had the ability to knock down jumpshots. To elevate his game to the next level he needs to focus on his quickness and footwork.

Carlos Pagan Jr.

The main thing that stood out about Carlos was his attitude and effort throughout the camp. He was able to maintain positive energy and help elevate his peers. His ability to catch and shoot while also using his quickness to his advantage was very effective. Carlos needs to focus on ball handling. To elevate his game to the next level he needs to do some fine tuning on his ability to finish around the rim.

Jabari Green

Jabari has a well rounded skill set that makes his game very solid. His abilities were not limited to just scoring the ball, he was also able to be a good team player. Throughout the whole camp his ability to stay consistent was amazing. While watching him play, you can tell he has a chip on his shoulder which he use to his advantage. The next big step for him is using the same energy he has on both ends of the floor to elevate his game even more.

James Scott

James had positive energy that became contagious on his team. He showed good range with his jumpers for a big man hitting mid range and 3point shots. He is also very strong under the basket with the ability to finish in the paint. His game will improve by working on his footwork and moving without the ball. He was a great asset to his team!!!

Jayden Gregory

Jayden has the mentality of a leader. He was able to show his leadership skills and also his listening skills which gave him the ablility to execute when he needed to. He has good footwork, quick release and he was able to finish around the rim. The next thing he needs to improve on is his passing ability which will help him elevate his game on offense and on his rebounding position.

Zanii Wilkerson

Zanii was able to showcase his talents on both ends of the floor and wasn't scared to play defense. His ability to transition from offense to defense was very good. While having the mentalitly to play defense, he was also a threat on the offensive side of the floor too. He has a very solid game which helps him elevates his self while also elavating others. Overall he was a great team player.



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